Can a single molecule of water be characterized as liquid, odorless, colorless,…?

Here is an interesting question: We know that water is liquid, colorless, odorless, and has several other unique properties. Does a single molecule of water have these same properties? Or is it the case that water molecules exhibit these properties … Continue reading

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Can India’s higher education system compete with that of the West?

Is the higher education system in India on par with the West? Can it ever be? This is a critically important question that will determine the destiny of India. For that matter the destiny of any nation depends on how … Continue reading


Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, a true magician!!


Bionic Brain, Free Will, Emergence and Software Engineering

Ok, that is an ambitious title!! I heard on Boston’s WBUR today a program on the bionic brain. It was a fantastic program. The guest talked about early experiments on humans, mouse and monkeys whose brains were connected to a … Continue reading


First International SAT/SMT Summer School 2011 @ MIT

Sorry, for being ‘missing in action’. I was super busy organizing the first international SAT/SMTĀ  Solver summer school @ MIT from June 12th to June 17th, 2011 (I was the main organizer). It was an awesome event. We had 40 … Continue reading


Computational Rationalism vs. Empiricism

Can computer programs be understood through reason alone? Or will we study computer programs empirically, just as we study the universe or the human brain or any natural phenomena or even artificial ones such as the global economy? Will the … Continue reading

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